The AI Watershed Podcast

The AI Watershed brings you into conversation with the most exciting and thought provoking Artificial Intelligence pioneers. As AI is rapidly becoming a crucial element of our daily lives, we’re trying to draw its trajectory. Tune in to hear about the latest startups, corporate giants and academic researchers carving out innovation to the next pivotal moment in AI today.

Podcast Hosts

Moti Shatner

A serial entrepreneur, researcher and lecturer.

Daniel Singer

An entrepreneur, writer and ecosystem shepherd.


Founder & CEO,


Edo Liberty is the Founder and CEO of HyperCube Systems, a new startup that’s built a core, cloud-native serving engine for information retrieval from large database collections using Deep Learning. Edo started HyperCube after leading Machine Learning efforts at Yahoo, and later on at Amazon’s AI research team and the SageMaker product.


“We provide a platform for our customers [pathologists and biologist researchers] to bring their expertise and develop their own algorithms.”

Chen Sagiv is a multi-faceted ‘do-er’ in Israel’s AI startup ecosystem. Holding a PhD from Tel Aviv University in Applied Mathematics, ’95, she and her husband Nizan founded a deep learning consultancy (Sagivtech) specialized in image processing, computer vision and GPU Computing, servicing clients like Google’s Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) group. In 2018, she co-founded alongside Nizan and Jacob Gildenblat a new startup,, attempting to boost pathologists’ work in reviewing digital slides for research and clinical analysis with the power of Deep Learning. All the while, Chen and her team organize the country’s most prestigious AI conference, IMVC (Israel Machine Vision Conference).